Inside Uber’s Filthy Operators

    While we are still reeling from the shocking revelation of a rogue Mombasa Uber driver who molested a minor, Machachari actress, Wanjiku Mburu, famously known as Mama Baha has come fought to express her heartbreaking encounter with yet another hell-sent driver.

    In her long Instagram post, the actress detailed a rude, shady and suspicious driver who oozed bad vibes and poor customer service all through the ride.

    Actress Wanjiku Mburu

    According to Wanjiku, the driver wanted to divert to Langata in the pretext of picking his drivers’ licence before continuing with the trip. Smelling a rat, the actress insisted to be dropped off first then he could handle his personal business on his way back.

    However, the driver could not hear any of it. As though disappointed by the actress’ adamancy, he suddenly unleashed his horrendous side and snapped to anger. He started shouting at the actress who questioned his original motive.

    Having had enough rudeness from the aforementioned driver, Wanjiku categorically instructed him to drop her off at the nearest petrol station to which he unapologetically obliged without any remorse of abandoning a customer in the middle of the night.

    In a twist of events, the driver in question rushed to report that Wanjiku had tried to make inappropriate advances at him hence was forced to end the trip which contrasted with the actress’ truth.

    Sadly, the Uber Kenya overseers seemed to take the driver’s story to be a gospel reality and threatened to ban the actress from using Uber in the event of a similar complaint arising in the future.

    Wanjiku’s post was laced with similar complaints from Kenyans who had fallen prey of the ill-behaved Uber operators. What used to be the safest and convenient mode of transport is now a disaster waiting to happen.

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