You are Targeting Our Community with this Fake War on Corruption, MP Sudi Slams Uhuru

    Outspoken Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has said the president is taking Kenyans for fools in the war against corruption. The MP says what is currently going on is political witch hunt targeting ‘their people’ with the sole intention to influence 2022 politics. Sudi calls out the President for hypocrisy and goes even further to tell Uhuru and Ruto stop faking their relationship in public, yet the divorce has already happened.

    ”First it was Ken Tarus of KPLC who was prosecuted for alleged theft of  Ksh30B. The case has not even moved an inch. In fact the DCI is negotiating with Tarus to become a state witness so that he drops the case.” Sudi says.

    He goes ahead to list another member of the Kalenjin community who he claims is targeted by the DCI adding that ‘they’ are now treated to a circus featuring Henry Rotich, Susan Koech and David Kimosop.

    The vocal MP with an acerbic tongue goes ahead to list other similar projects to the Arro and Kimwarer Dam which have been mired in controversy, saying the government is not giving the stalled projects any prominence because of where they are geographically located.

    ”Never mind, the same procurement was applied in the construction of Thwake dam (brokered by David Murathe-Murathe admitted on national TV), Kamwenu,Ruiru, Thiba,Mzima and Mwache dams. Interestingly all others are fine because their geographical location,” he added.

    Sudi says the current events surrounding the war on corruption are fake, saying Uhuru is subjecting innocent lives to  traumatizing experiences in the war against corruption. Which he says, is totally unfair and unacceptable.

    ”We knew these plans right from the beginning; the plan was to maliciously prosecute those Cabinet Secretaries assumed to be  allied to the DP, to portray Ruto in bad light,” he says.


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