I came very close to contracting HIV – Diamond

Diamond has come out to confess how he missed contracting HIV by a whisker. The artist has admitted to having unprotected intimate relations with multiple partners in his quest to feel relevant, manly and to massage his ego.

Addressing youths at an HIV conference in Tanzania, the award winning Bongo star encouraged the young fellows to stay true to one partner and always condomise when in compromising situations.

Whereas the singer did not admit to not getting sheathed in his various escapades, its quite evident strapping is not his thing if his baby mama list is anything to go by.  Nonetheless,he made it clear that he is afraid of contracting HIV but thanked Allah for protecting him.

Moreover, the father of three assured the attendees that he had turned a new leaf and that his Kenyan girlfriend, Tanasha Donna has sated his insatiable thirst.

Diamond bore himself an interesting reputation when he lit social media streets with his open escapades with different women. Netizens built an image of a star who had a string of female acquaintances in every nation and city he visited.

Appalling is the singer’s open ignorance of knowingly exposing himself to a range of infections. His confession speaks volumes of a generation that awaits divine intervention in matters that require basic common sense.

HIV is not the only STI that can be contracted from careless relations. There’s a string of deadly STDs whose damage will scar you for a lifetime. I’m not asking you to pursue the celibacy road, but how about staying strapped.



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