A CCTV Footage of DP William Ruto Meeting Italian Contractors of the Arror and Kimwarer Dams among Evidence to be used by the DPP

    DP William Ruto when he arrived in Rome on December 4th 2018.

    On December 4th last year DP William Ruto was in Rome, Italy in what was said to be an official three day visit to woo investors from the  European country. It now emerges during the Rome trip, the DP met with Italian officials  who where supposed to be involved in the construction of the scandalous Arror and Kimwarer Dam. A CCTV footage proving the meeting took place has been obtained by the DPP and it is part of evidence to presented before court.

    ” It was shocking to see those caught in the video. It is clear on the motive. Kenyans will be shocked when the clip is finally played in court and subsequently released to the public,” said an official involved in the probe, on condition of anonymity.

    Kenyan Report has established the DPP Noordin Haji and the DCI boss George Kinoti visits to Italy and then Dubai played an important role in cracking the puzzle of the 21B fraud. Italy, Dubai and the UK have been very instrumental in helping Kenyan investigators follow the trail of the lost funds.

    The CCTV footage is believed to have been obtained when Haji and Kinoti accompanied by top investigators from the DCI visited Rome and (Torino) Milan, Italy to get the assistance of the Italian government in probing the deal and in specific, CMC Di Ravenna,  which was the contractor of the project.

    After the visit to Italy, the team flew to Dubai where they found the  path through  which  money was wired, and with the help of Dubai detectives, they managed to establish who wired the money and why. The Dubai accounts have since been frozen by the Dubai authorities.

    According to insiders, there is a second phase of arrests which will involve foreigners involved in the theft.

    ”They traced the deposits and transaction at the bank. This was an elaborate scheme to steal.This is the first phase of the arrests. There is the second phase that will involve the foreigners in their respective nations, including a Kenyan with citizenship in UK and Greece,”  said an investigator in the case.


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