When I Supported Raila Odinga or Uhuru’s First Term I was Good, now Im Bad Because I want the Presidency- DP Ruto

    DP William Ruto

    Deputy President William Ruto has questioned why he is being labelled as corrupt and unable to lead right now, yet when he supported Raila Odinga and Uhuru’s first term he was a good boy. Ruto, who was speaking during an interview at K24 TV wondered why his detractors are only seeing his negative sides right now and not years ago.

    “When I supported Raila Odinga I was a good boy, I was not corrupt. When I supported Uhuru for the first term, I was not corrupt. Now people have to look for something to muddy the waters,” he said.

    William Ruto cried foul on the intentions of a group stop-Ruto movement headed by David Murathe. He called out the former Jubilee chair for political hypocrisy, claiming Murathe does not speak for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    “The Uhuru Kenyatta I know speaks his mind and doesn’t need Murathe to speak on his behalf. The hangers-on have their own interests and cannot say William Ruto is not focused and does not have ideas,” Ruto said.

    David Murathe has been going around assembling political leaders under a single umbrella to stop the DP from ascending to the Presidency in 2022. Murathe says, Kenyans cannot afford to have a William Ruto presidency because of his heavy involvement in graft and looting of public resources.

    Th DP has for a while been opposing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s massive war on corruption saying it is a political witch hunt aimed at him. He say during the interview that the war on corruption has been infiltrated with propaganda instead of actually fighting corruption.

    “The problem is when people bring propaganda. The best way to fight corruption is by removing the falsehoods and actually fighting corruption,” he said.


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