Im now Ready to work Hand in Hand with Raila Odinga – DP William Ruto

After years of political antagonism and crossfires, DP William Ruto has changed tune and is now saying he is ready to work hand in hand with Raila Odinga. Ruto who was  speaking in Machakos during a fundraiser in aid of Africa Inland Church (AIC) Katisaa explained he was open to the idea of working with Raila Odinga to help move Kenya forward.

“We must harmonise our politics so that we create synergy and drive the transformation of Kenya together as the people of this great Nation. This is why Im ready to work with my brother Raila Odinga if that is what it will take. We are a people and we cannot move forward with politics of hate and divisions,” he said.

Even though this change of heart cannot be explained, it is believed this is a tactical move by the DP to ensure he has  future political insurance. The DP may have seen how much the odds are turning against him in government and working with Raila Odinga is the only option to keep his foot in government.

The DP has been at constant loggerheads with the ODM leader and most recently, the war on corruption has put the two leaders further adrift. While Raila Odinga has been constantly supporting the war on graft, DP Ruto believes it is political witch hunt targeted at him.

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