Why Cabinet Secretaries are Joining the Uhuru, Raila friendly Embrace Movement

    Labour CS Ukur Yattani, Wajir South MP Omar Mohamed and Wajir Deputy Governor Ahmed Mukhtar joined Team Embrace as they toured Wajir County on Thursday, donating equipment in hospitals, foodstuffs and cheques for women and youth groups. This is a common trend in the now so familiar Embrace Movement rallies being held county to county. But why are state officials joining this outfit deemed to be advancing political agenda?

    This question can be answered by the fact that all government officials and state officers have thrown their weight behind the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga. After the monumental truce between the two leaders, it is said all senior state officials including Cabinet Secretaries were summoned by the president to inform them of the adjustments in government operations. Adjustments which would see senior state officials take instructions from Raila Odinga as well as seek his advise from him on issues of national importance.

    It is from this directive that Cabinet Secretaries, especially female Cabinet Secretaries started being drawn into the Embrace Movement. Even though Embrace Movement has not been explicitly into politics, it is a body that has brought together women leaders from across the political divide to a single course. That of fighting for the welfare of Kenyan women.

    A number of other organizations and NGos have also joined in. These are UN Women, Equality Now, Creaw, Ngaaf and Black Light. Embrace Movement has grown popular because it addresses critical issues facing women in the country.


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