Petition to Bring Back Uhuru on Social Media Surfaces Online, here is How You can Join

    President Uhuru Kenyatta

    A Kenyan living in the US has been hardly hit by the absence of President Uhuru Kenyatta on social media and has started an online petition to bring the president back. If it musters enough online signatures, President Uhuru will be back on  and reactivate both his Facebook and Twitter accounts. President Uhuru Kenyatta deactivated all his social media handles in May this year, citing cyber bullying from angry Kenyans.

    ” We have missed you  on Facebook and Twitter! Kenyans both at home and abroad are wondering when they are going to see their President post about the latest happenings each day, ” says Basil Ouma, a Kenyan living in Philadelphia in the US in the petition.

    Mr Ouma recollects on days President Uhuru was the most popular African leader on social media, prompting the christening ‘Twitter and Facebook’ president. This was due to the large number of followers he had acquired over time. The petitioner says this, he has longed for after the president ”abruptly left us”.

    ” Mr. President, before you abruptly left us, you were popularly referred to as Twitter and Facebook President of Sub-Saharan Africa with 7 million followers across the two social media accounts,” he continues in his appeal to the head of state.

    The petitioner explains, as a Kenyan in the diaspora he  relied heavily on following developments back at home directly from the president’s Facebook accounts and twitter postings which he had  religiously subscribed to.

    Sign the petition here:

    However, the petitioner is livid to the fact that the head of state has been undergoing insurmountable pressure from online bullies, but this he says, is normal in a democracy like ours. Noting that despite the bullies, a large number of people look up to the president for his guidance on matters they may not be too much informed on.

    ”I understand that there is a lot of pressure that comes from social media. But it is important to note that you, as the President, have a very important role to fulfill. People look up to you for advice and guidance on matters they may not be too informed on and your presence on social media helps with this significantly.”

    The petitioner then goes ahead to urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to unblock a number of bloggers and social media users who had ‘crossed the line of decency’. He says ” the bloggers are remorseful after witnessing the legacy of a united Kenya you are working hard to leave behind.”

    If the petition gathers enough online signatures, it will attract President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attention and if you are among those wishing him back, you may just get lucky. All you have to do is append your signature.

    ”Just because you are making headlines don’t think you will bother me. That is why I stopped concentrating on newspapers and social media. Let us concentrate on work,” Uhuru said on his reason to quit social media.


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