Uber driver arrested For Molesting 13 year old Light Academy Pupil.

    The suspect, Fredrick Mungai

    Police have arrested a Uber driver who is accused of molesting a 13 year old Light Academy pupil. The driver who has been identified as Fredrick Mungai alias Fredii was arrested at City Mall yesterday and taken to Nyali Police Station, Mombasa.

    The uber driver and father of two is accused of defiling the child by forcing him to perform oral sex on him. The suspect was hailed by the victim’s aunt to pick the boy from school. However, before he could get the boy to their house, he ended the trip and stopped the car 50 meters from the house where he started caressing the pupil and finally forced him to indulge in the demeaning act.

    Concerned as to why the boy had not gotten to the house several minutes after the trip ended, the boy’s aunt went out to look for him only to see the car parked a few meters away. On approaching the car, the boy sprinted to the house and direct to the bathroom where he frantically brushed his teeth before narrating the ordeal to his mother.

    Authorities say this is not the first case of a uber driver performing an indecent act on a client. Early this year, a middle aged pregnant woman was assaulted and almost raped by the driver of the taxi she was travelling in. The woman’s saving grace were security personnel who came to her rescue after she creamed for help.

    Considering the insanely expensive rates of an Uber ride, its disappointing to learn that serial molesters are behind the wheels hence giving zero guarantee of clients’ security.

    The suspect will be arraigned on Wednesday at the Shanzu Law Courts.




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