“You Are A Hopeless Liar!” Netizens Blast Diamond Platinumz

Tanzanian Bongo Hit Maker Diamond Platinumz
Tanzanian Bongo Hit Maker Diamond Platinumz

Just after a few days of launching Tanasha Donna’s pregnancy in the Great Gatsby themed birthday party, the highly decorated Tanzanian Bongo sensation, Diamond, launched a video call with his three children months after unfollowing their Instagram accounts.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Diamond expressed how he could see the lingering feelings in his children’s faces to which he clearly termed as an undying love for him and a sign of them missing his presence.

No matter the good will, pride and show off spirit that backed the star’s post, hawk-eyed netizens have described it as a pretentious and suspicious gesture to spite his ex wife Zari. They have accused Diamond of using old pictures and subjecting them to Photoshop to dim Zari’s candle.

Diamond’s post fall coincidentally on a date the Ugandan socialite come South African ‘self made’ billionaire, Zari, flaunted her prestigious date with lover, King Bae. It should be remembered that Diamond’s baby mamas accused him of being a deadbeat dad in the past.

Nevertheless, the post surfaced a few days after Zari promised to do an interview to address all the accusations she has been subjected to by Diamond. Using this basis for their argument, netizens pointed out Diamond’s suspicious intent to confuse the public that all was well.

The two ex lovers have always engaged in online wars since their black rose breakup a year ago. Each party try to outdo the other and pull the other down whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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