Uhuru, Raila endorse a Powerful PM Post and a one term 7 Year Presidency in the new Power Structure by the BBI Team

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Kenya will be having a one term 7 year president backed by a powerful Prime Minister, if the new power structure proposed by the BBI Team goes through. In what is likely to alter the country’s politics and power arithmetic, the new structure according to the BBI Team will ensure the country does not experience the divisions and ethnic tensions each five year cycle when elections are conducted.

The yet to be made public report also has a number of recommendations on Cabinet and the number of MPs. It proposes a Cabinet appointed from among MPs of not more than 20 ministers, including two deputy Prime Ministers, reintroduces deputy ministers, raises allocations to counties to 45 per cent and recommends a reduction of the number of MPs to 209 from 416, where 180 of these MPs are directly elected by the people.

‘“The President shall hold office for a term not exceeding seven years beginning with the date of assumption of office. A person shall not hold office as President for more than one term. The President shall be the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces,” reads part of the report.

From these proposals, it is apparent that the president will be head of the state as well as exercise executive authority. He will appoint Cabinet Secretaries or fire them. The Prime Minister, who is an appointee of the President, including his two deputies, will also be dismissed by the president, if he so wishes to. Also, judges of the superior courts  will be appointed by the president.

” Restructure the Executive to reintroduce a parliamentary system with a President elected by a college of legislators,” reads the report.

The proposed amendments in the constitution will see Kenya borrow heavily from the Russian government model of governance. In this model, the Prime Minister is head of Government while the President is Head of State. The President appoints the PM from the leader of largest coalition or party in parliament.


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