Uhuru goes below the Belt as Raila unleashes Punches on Ruto in a Day of Political Undertones

    President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM leader Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto shared same podium on Friday afternoon. The three leaders were attending burial of city lawyer and tycoon Karanja Kabage in Nakuru County. The event, pundits say,  was a perfect opportunity for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to tell off DP William Ruto on his ‘hustler’ politics as well as his frequent trips in search of vote every weekend.

    First to set it off was Raila Odinga who left mourners in stitches with his ‘hustler’ remarks. It is in the public domain that DP William Ruto brands himself as a hustler, who wants to ascend to the presidency. Odinga also  threw punches at  leaders with questionable wealth, saying they should emulate Kabage, whom he hailed as a person of integrity.

    ” If you look at his life history, you will say that if hustlers have virtue, then this was really the hustler. He was from rags to riches by working hard, ” Raila said amid laughter from the crowd.

    It is also in the public domain that DP William Ruto has been opposed against the government’s war on graft. Ruto has also been raising questions on source of his wealth, which is said to be running into billions.

    ”He  was against corruption and believed it was possible to make wealth in this country genuinely without resorting to corruption, ” Raila added. He also told mourners Kabage followed a straight path for his wealth and did not involve himself in crooked ways.

    When his time to speak came, President Uhuru Kenyatta picked off the subliminal attacks on the DP, where Raila had left. The head of state did not bite his tongue. He told leaders to stop engaging in early politics, saying it was still very early for politicking, yet elections are still three years away.

    ”If you are a politician, do not only think about enriching yourself but instead ask yourself how you will improve lives of the people…This is why I urge all of you leaders here to stop early politics and concentrate on serving these people. When the time for politics comes, the field will be wide open,” said Uhuru.

    The Deputy President has continued with his weekly political expeditions despite President Uhuru’s appeals, something that has put him at loggerheads with the head of state.



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