Safaricom Subscriber data Stolen and Info being used by Criminals to Borrow Online

    If you are a subscriber with Safaricom, your personal data may have been stolen by a third party, who is giving out your personal details.Our investigations team has been trying to follow up on a number of complains from subscribers and we have finally found the number behind it. Subscribers have been receiving phone calls from the number, with claims the caller is from Safaricom.

    Unlike what has been the norm, with online frauds, this third party is the one who gives out your personal details.The caller gives you your ID number, SIM and MPesa password as well as the dates of different numbers you have had. It is only Safaricom which has all these details of a subscriber, so one would easily give them out believing the caller is from Safaricom.

    After giving out these details, they will ask you for your National ID serial number which they will then use in hacking your MPESA, M-Shwari, Credit Card etc.They have been using the number 0711466682, but also will have other numbers. Our team has informed Safaricom about the issue and they know about it. However, instead of acting upon it, the company has been telling us to send an SMS to 333.

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