By Joseph Lister Nyaringo–

Come 2022, it will be 20 years of political power in the hands of the Uthamakis (Mt. Kenya). They have done the good and the bad while controlling the country’s factors of production. Three years down the road, there is uncertainty on which political axis the Mt. Kenya people will align themselves to. This brings to the fore the current volcano erupting in THE Jubilee government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.



In fact, those who think that Uhuru cares so much about Kenya that he wants Ruto not to smell power due to his dubious record should think deeper. Uhuru fears Ruto; Mt. Kenya fears the DP because he is not the right candidate to protect their interests- business empires spread across Kenya. Besides, Kikuyus see unpredictability in the man, especially when factoring the interests of their diaspora in the Rift valley. The ghosts of the PEV fiasco of 07/08 still lingers.

Don’t forget, the current circus or strains between Uhuru and Ruto is something that was planned towards the end of Uhuru’s first term. They kept it under wraps to capture the Kalenjin votes in 2017. This is the reason why the handshake came in to rattle Ruto immediately after Uhuru’s second term became a reality…

The message is clear, Uhuru will NOT support Ruto to succeed him in 2022. In fact, by the end of 2021, the two Jubilee leaders may not see each other eye-to-eye. The current bad blood is, therefore, a trigger to burn the bridge between the two men.



Don’t forget, Uhuru is playing smart not to renege on the agreement of sharing government. He is well aware that if he touches that, there will be more outcry from the locals; citing betrayal of their original agreement (MOU).

Nevertheless, Uhuru wants a referendum to create a Parliamentary system in the country so that it can propel him to power come 2022 when his term will end.

This is where the words of Francis Atwoli, the COTU boss gains credence. It’s also the reason why there is high optimism in Luo Nyanza that this time around, Raila Odinga is likely to become President and Uhuru the PM; which will completely neuter Ruto from 2022 political power equation and probably propel Gideon Moi as the new Rift Valley political Kingpin.

Uhuru has planned well. Moi, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Gideon, and Raila are all in his bandwagon. Sacrificing his deputy for another term at the limelight is something any politician cannot avoid. Remember, word on the street is that, Ruto was enticed with money by the Kenyattas to support Uhuru. Kwa ivyo, miaka kumi kama makamu wa raisi, deni imelipua (the debt has been paid in full after Ruto’s 10 years as Deputy President).

Uhuru and Ruto.

Finally, the current debate about Ruto’s assassination is all about succession politics. The higher the storm in Jubilee and enmity between Uhuru and Ruto the better for Raila, Uhuru, and Gideon Moi and even Musalia Mudavadi.

Nyaringo is the President of Kenya Patriotic Movement, a diaspora Lobby, based in the US

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