Muthaiga OCS FIRED For Allowing Itumbi and His Girlfriend Maribe Take Selfies in Police Cell

Muthaiga Police OCS Alphonce Kemengua has been interdicted.

The police boss was fired  on Thursday over pictures taken and shared by friends of State House Digital Director Denis Itumbi inside the station.

His bosses claim that officers allowed Mr Itumbi and his friends too much access including allegedly leaving the cells to sit outside, where the photos were allegedly taken.

The OCS is the officer in charge of a police station and is therefore responsible for whatever goes on in the station.

Those captured in the pictures include TV journalist Jacque Maribe, politician Josiah Murigu and Itumbi’s brother, David Itumbi.

In photos believed to have been taken at the Muthaiga Police Station cells and which are making rounds on social media, Mr Itumbi is seen sitting next to Ms Maribe.

A source privy to the incident said that the OCS was informed about the move and it was purely a disciplinary action.

“It is true that it has happened and I cannot comment further,” a source within the force said. We could not reach National Police spokesman Charles Owino because his phone was switched off.

For one to access the police cells at the station, they have to pass through the reception which is always guarded by the officer recording criminal reports at the station.

Interdicted government officers are put on half pay for a period of time as investigations are carried out.

Mr Itumbi while appearing in court on Thursday asked the magistrate to have him locked up at State House, Gigiri or Muthaiga police stations and not Kamukunji Police Station.

He submitted that hardcore criminals are held at Kamukunji and they may harm him. He was detained for five days at Muthaiga police station.

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