Police Have Released State House Intruder After Passionate Plea From Father

Brian Bera, the University student who shocked the Nation when he  jumped over the State House fence has been freed on a personal bond of Sh100,000.

The court set the date for plea taking as August 7, 2019 when the 5th-year student at the Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Nairobi’s medical report will have been received from the Moi  Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH).

The magistrate released him on condition that his father will take good care of him in Eldoret where Bera will undergo treatment at MTRH.

On Wednesday when he appeared in court for the first time, the young Bera pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta for forgiveness.

The Prosecution had sought to have the suspect taken to Mathare Hospital for mental assessment before taking plea.

“It is only just and fair that he be taken to the facility and only until he is fully recovered when he can take the plea,” said the Prosecution team.

However, Bera’s lawyer objected to the application saying that a report from Kenyatta National Hospital indicated that his client suffers from mental illness and is therefore not fit to take plea.

The suspect’s father, David Bera, who was present in court, also pleaded for his son to be released into his custody.

The older Bera narrated how his son had stopped taking his prescribed medication which according to him is the reason why he jumped into State House.

He further told the court how in January 2018, his son walked for one day from Kitale to West Pokot.

“In February instead of coming home, he went to Mt. Kenya where he got arrested. The third incident happened in June 2018 again, when he walked from Kitale at 4am on foot all the way to Athi River for four days. We were able to get him and was admitted for two weeks where he was diagnosed with the disorder by a psychiatrist and from there he has improved a lot and as a family we were relieved,” the father said.

The court also heard how Bera requested to go back to school and after the family decided to take him back, he still managed an exemplary performance  in his exams.

“My request is for the court to allow me as his father to take him to hospital…it might take a long time for him to recover but detaining him in police custody will not help his condition,” the father pleaded.

The young Bera also addressed the court saying his incarceration had taught him a lesson and offered assurance that he would not repeat the mistake again.

He further pleaded for forgiveness from President Uhuru Kenyatta and all Kenyans to forgive him.

“ … If they take me to Mathare it will be a punishment…I request that you forgive me …I will be like people of the New Testament,” he said.

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