“You Are A Primitive Orangutang! Mafia Cowdung ” Moses Kuria and Miguna Miguna Exchange Blows.

The duo could not keep off each others throat given they are both warriors who can never back out of a war of words. Miguna Miguna who is still in exile continues to chime in the nations’ controversial topics as he is still not allowed back in the country. The war started when Miguna made a sarcastic comment over Kuria’s Support to Starehe MP Charles Njagua who was arrested and still in custody for making xenophobic comments.

“I welcome the despotic apologist Moses Kuria’s sudden discovery that no one should be PERSECUTED for exercising his/her right to FRREE SPEECH. Kuria is a notorious cartel surrogate who celebrated and may have participated in Chris Msando’s murder and my torture,” – Miguna Miguna.

The accusations of Moses Kuria being involved in the murder of Chris Musando are rife in Miguna’s mouth and may have stricked a nerve that prompted Kuria to “belittle” Miguna to a commisioner who swears in people to power but never has it. The two continued to throw jibes at each other with Miguna caling Moses Kuria cowdung.

“You will still swear me in. Mimi na Baba. You are just a notary public and a commissioner of oaths for the real men like me and Baba  ” – Moses Kuria

“Mafia chauvinist Kuria: it will take you five lifetimes and five new brains to become a barrister, solicitor, advocate, commissioner for oaths and notary public. It’s normal for a colonized mind to delude itself that a primitive orangutang is superior to a global professional.” – Miguna Miguna.

The shift to the luo language caught Moses Kuria offguard who did not take it sitting and decided to also reply in his mother tongue.

“Let’s restrict this to English. It’s pointless to insult me in Dholuo when you know I do not understand the language. Orangutang ni nini sasa?” – Moses Kuria.

Mafia cowdung: That’s pure English. But then again, you excel more in ganja smoking than in linguistics and other areas of intellectual pursuits. No matter how loud you yelll, the Mafia like you have been cornered. You won’t deceive Kenyans much longer.

The battle of words between the two outspoken individuals is not new and gets worse by the day. Moses Kuria in a twist of events, wants the Starehe MP Jaguar to be released while he has always been against the NASA party for trying to fight for the rights of Kenyans. Kuria has a past of making snide remarks of ODM party leader, Raila Odinga for taking to the streets to champion for the people’s rights. Trolls have been mocking Kuria that he is in Raila’s shoes now being teargased while trying to “advocate” for the release of Jaguar.


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