Former MP Kalembe Ndile Claims Life Is In Danger For Questioning Governor Mutua

The former Kibwezi Member of Parliament has recorded a statement at the Parliament Police station claiming that his life is in danger after unknown people believed to be working for Governor Alfred Mutua, threatened to break his legs. The middle-aged men, according to Kalembe’s description,warned him against questioning Alfred Mutua’s development projects otherwise he will face the aforementioned  consequences.

The unknown persons adviced him to leave mlolongo where the MP resides if at all he wants to save his life. Speaking to Journalists, Kalembe now wants the government to step in and take action against the threats to his safety. Machakos governor had earlier detained workers of Kalembe Ndile’s hotel but were later released after Mike Sonko stormed the police station they were being detained at and called for their immediate release. The two governors have been at war with each other, with both putting the incompetence tag on the others’ county when it comes to matters development.

The rivalry may have been bred after Kalembe ndile condemned Mutua for wanting to refurbish the statues of Dedan Kimathi which is not in his jurisdiction. Mutua has been frustrating Kalembe even arresting tenants in his rental houses citing that the building was built without approved drawings and occupants will be asked to vacate should he fail to produce necessary documents.

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