Denis Itumbi Claims The System Have Called FBI To Help Hide Ruto’s Assassination Plot

These are interesting times in Kenya’s political scene. Who knew that the very man who told the Government to use bullets and teargas on NASA supporters would today call a revolution after the a single teargas is thrown his way?

And what does one make of it when a man made by the system has turned to be an explicit and tacit-on need basis- critic of the very system?

Former director of digital communications at State House Dennis Itumbi has increasingly become cozy with Deputy President William Ruto at the expense of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Once a fanatic of President Kenyatta, Mr Itumbi’s personal social media accounts are now littered with updates from the DP – and few from the head of state.


Itumbi has since changed his bio on Twitter to read, “Secretary Digital. Innovations&Diaspora Comms.” Lately, he has taken center stage in fronting the DP’s social media chatter including revitalizing his accounts and use of hashtags.

But yesterday was perhaps the height of his coldness towards the other wing of the executive when through a face book post, he fingered the State for trying to cover up Ruto’s assassination claims.

This follows reports that detectives have now turned to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help them get to the bottom of the mystery letter that alleged there was a bid by three Cabinet secretaries to assassinate the Deputy President as the issue continues to generate political heat.

The Cyber Crime Unit at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations had approached the FBI due to the sensitivity of the matter and to help them scroll the cyber-systems to determine who downloaded the letter.

Here is what Itumbi Wrote:

“FBI investigated the murder of Fr. Antony Kaiser and produced an 80 page report with one conclusion – He committed Suicide.

They claimed a diagnosis of depression and his erratic behavior In the 9 days before his death pointed to mental illness.

That was the year 2000. The family and the church dismissed the findings.

Then came Kibaki Government and an inquest into the murder was ordered.

A night watchman said he saw two men drag Kaiser off his car and kill him.

FBI was invited 3 times in court and they declined.

August 1, 2007 – Inquest was concluded before Magistrate Maureen Odera.

Odera dismissed the FBI suicide theory and said the Priest had been murdered.

111 witnesses had taken the stand. She ordered fresh investigations, cleared a powerful politician of the time but suggested three Park rangers and a catechism friend of Fr. Kaiser be probed.

It has never happened.


It is crucial to note that Fr.Kaiser was an American Citizen.

FBI still stuck with the theory of suicide that had been suggested In whispers by ‘The System’ at the time.

FBI covered up the murder of Fr.Kaiser. they did not even sign the report they gave police.

Therefore the only conclusion to reach when FBI is mentioned in Kenya is one – Cover Up.


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