Who is Laughing Now? Kenyans Mock Moses Kuria Following Teargas Rant

Ever wanted to see real life irony? Well, Wednesday presented one when Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was teargassed and predicted a revolution moments after a picture of ODM leader Raila Odinga getting a massage went viral.

Kuria was caught up in the teargas melee outside Parliament Police Station after Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar was arrested after his alleged xenophobia remarks.

Meanwhile, Mr Odinga was seen in an undated picture all cozied up while getting a massage after what looked like a haircut.

The Gatundu MP’s remarks predicting a revolution after the teargas moment was met with hilarious reaction.

ODM secretary Edwin Sifuna reminded the Gatundu lawmaker of the days when ODM supporters held anti-IEBC demonstration at Anniversary Towers every Monday that came to be known as ‘teargas Monday’.

“Unakula teargas nusu saa unaanza kunusa revolution… Na ukikula weekly for a year kama wengine wetu si utanusa second coming?” posed Sifuna on Twitter.

The irony is that Mr Kuria backed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid for a second term. Mr Kenyatta also hails from Gatundu South which Mr Kuria represents.

Other netizens had more to say on the change of fortunes.

“Hata Mimi nashangaa wangelikula Kama zile za 2017 kwa Raila Odinga ingekuwaje? Mkuki Mtamu kwa binadamu mchungu,” tweeted Daniel M Limbu.

“Raila was relaxing at the spa on the same day,” Thomas Perez Munyao posted.

“Sasa Matiangi akiwachilia the water canons na rubber bullets, sihawa watasema ni ‘assassination attempts’ Revolution sio ya kila mtu,” posted another tweep.

“I didn’t know Moses Kuria’s breaking point was this low, just a whiff of tear gas and the man turns philosophical and sage-like,” Nicholas Chirchir posted.

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