Bomb Scare Forces British Royal Airforce to Intercept Indian Plane Mid Air to Make Emergency Landing in London in a Movie Like Spectacle

British Royal Airforce Jets.

There was drama in London this afternoon one that resembles a scene off Hollywood movies when an Air India  passenger plane,flight AI191 flying from Mumbai to Newark in New York  made an emergency landing in London.The plane was intercepted mid air by the British Royal Airforce fighter jets as its  made its way to London’s Stansed Airport.

A Stansted Airport statement read: “An Air India Boeing 777 diverted into London Stansted at approximately 10:15hrs and landed safely with Essex Police in attendance.It is parked in an isolated stand away from the normal airport operations.”

Essex Police were ready at the scene to evacuate the passengers.

Essex Police on the other hand have said: “An aircraft was diverted to Stansted Airport at around 9.50am today (Thursday 27 June) following reports of a security alert.The plane is currently at the airport and officers are making inquiries.”

All 327 passengers were taken off the plane and were “served snacks and other beverages,” said Dhananjay Kumar, a spokesman for Air India.

The U.K.’s Ministry of Defence did not identify the plane but did say that Typhoon aircraft safely escorted a civilian aircraft to the airport, which lies around 37 miles (60 kilometres) northeast of the centre of London.

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