Governor Alfred Mutua Visits Nairobi’s CBD, Says He will Personally Maintain Tom Mboya and Dedan Kimathi Statues

    Governor Alfred Mutua in Nairobi yesterday.

    The Governor of Machakos Dr Alfred Mutua has made a promise of personally incurring costs to  repair and maintain the statues of independence heroes Tom Mboya and Dedan Kimathi, which remain in a desolate state and untidy. Mutua says Nairobi leaders have failed in maintaining the monuments which have  so much significance to the country.

    “I am disgusted by the shameful state of neglect and disrepair of the statues…this disrepair and neglect is an example of what happens when instead of concentrating on serving Wananchi, leaders are involved in propaganda campaigns. They are more concerned with elections three years away than the state of our youth, women and government services,” he said.

    The governor said the neglected monuments reflected the sad status of the entire country where political leaders have resorted to constant politicking instead of working for Kenyans.He attributed failing systems in the country to poor leadership brought about by leaders infatuated with 2022 politics.

    “When you visit the developed nations, you will find that statues of heroes, public squares and parks and the general environment for members of the public are well maintained. The private sector in these countries emulate government structures and cleanliness,” he added, saying heads should roll and leaders should not expect the president to address issues such as cleanliness of the city.

    “We do not expect President Uhuru Kenyatta to personally visit, clean and repair Tom Mboya‘s or Dedan Kimathi’s statues. His people are letting him down and heads should roll. This is an embarrassment to President Uhuru and his Government,’’ he said



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