Kenyans link the Deputy President’s assassination plot to the mysterious death of Jacob Juma as Babu Owino roasts Ruto.

The Deputy president’s office claimed that some cabinet secretaries from Mount Kenya region have been plotting for his political downfall and later assassination. The Office of DCI confirmed the allegations as he said he received a call from the DP who told him that some people wanted him dead.

Kenyans as usual didn’t miss to pick up the security threat issue as they immediately took to social media for discussion. Among the Kenyans who roasted the Deputy was the Embakasi East MP Babu Owino for being a coward yet he has continuously claimed to be investing his riches in heaven. “How do you invest in heaven yet you fear going there.” Mocked the MP.

A section of Kenyans have further linked the assassination plot to what is believed to be the spirit of Jacob Juma and the boy killed by one of the cars on Ruto’s convoy which could be haunting him while others believe that the plot allegations are stage managed and the DP’s handlers could just be tasting the waters.

One kenyan who feared to be named expressed his discontentment in the Deputy as he wondered why Ruto wanted the DCI to investigate the matter yet he, in the recent past claimed that the same office was not fit to conduct serious investigation.

On the other hand the Head of State did not take anything to chance as he summoned his members of the National Security Council, ordered for immediate scaling up of security for the self-proclaimed hustler and directed the alleged cabinet secretaries behind the plot to record the statement with the DCIO.

CS Peter Munya later confirmed, speaking to the media after meeting with the DCI that allegations over their meetings were genuine as any Kenyan enjoys freedom of association. He further affirmed that they will continue holding more meetings without fear of any intimidation so long as their meetings aren’t anchored on organising criminal acts.

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