Why Uhuru Declined to Address Roadside Rallies in Eldoret as it had Been Planned By Ruto’s Handlers

    President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County for the official commissioning of the Ultra-Modern Rivatex East Africa Limited Textile.

    The president’s visit to Uasin Gishu County had subtle political undertones and expectations from the DP Ruto wing which were intended to show a public display of bromance between the two leaders as it had been previously.There were plans to have President Uhuru and William Ruto hold roadside rallies in Eldoret town as the head of state headed to the airport to catch his flight.However, according to insiders, these plans never came to fruition after President Uhuru said he does not want attend any rallies as he had previously said.

    From the onset, after his Kasarani outburst on errant Jubilee members, Uhuru made it clear he will not engage in any form of politics and instead focus on his development agenda as well as uniting the country under his unity pact with ODM leader Raila Odinga. During his speech, the president reiterated his stand, urging Kenyans to ignore noisemakers and instead focus on development.

    ”We will change the politics of this country.The Revival of Rivatex and other industries in Kenya points towards what we want to achieve in coming years.Why do you want to be against this?We want to transform the lives of every Kenyan whether youre Kikuyu, Luo,Kamba,Kalenjin or Giriama,” said the President who was commissioning the ultra modern Rivatex, which the government has revived at a tune of 5B Shillings.

    While reading the president’s mood and the remarks he made on Sunday, DP William Ruto had a conciliatory tone, telling the president he will call wayward Jubilee MPs to order in line with the president’s call to shun politics. This was in   response on the president’s outburst last week in Kasarani, where he told off leaders politicking about 2022 succession.

    Sisi wote tuko nyuma yako. Sisi tunatambua mahali tulianza. Tunatambua kwamba jukumu letu ni kuunganisha wakenya na kuleta maendeleo. Hapo tuko na wewe mia kwa mia na hatubanduki. (We are all behind you. We know where we started. We know our role in uniting Kenyans and bringing development. We are behind you 100 percent and we are not shifting). I give you my personal commitment that I will make sure as your deputy that hawa viongozi wengine(these other leaders) they don’t go astray. Hata vile umewaona leo wako na tabia mzuri mzuri (You can even see they behaved well today),” said Ruto.


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