Promise that Uhuru would be in Power for 10 years and Leave Ruto to Rule for the Next 10 Years was Hogwash, Prof Kagwanja

President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto.

Renowned political commentator and   Africa Policy Institute Chief Executive Peter Kagwanja, who is also a former Government adviser says President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are two people in same government pulling towards opposite directions.While the head of state is focused on his legacy and uniting the country, DP Ruto is more interested in becoming president in 2022.

”Uhuru has a vision of uniting Kenyans and breaking the yoke of negative ethnicity and tribalism while Ruto’s vision is pegged on becoming president in 2022. This is an ambitious move for Ruto, unless he resigns and takes on the role of alternative government-in-waiting,” said Kagwanja during a TV talk show, adding that Uhuru and Ruto are two people who did not understand each other and their visions. Thus explaining Uhuru’s frustration.

Kagwanja noted that Uhuru’s timing to unite the country was right because Kenya was fast disintegrating into a divisive nation burdened by the yoke of tribalism, something which was threatening country’s future in coming years.

“ President Uhuru is an idealist. His vision is that you will have a united Kenya and Mt Kenya people are going to be part of Kenya even when he is out of office. He feels that a united Kenya can only be realised by bringing the Odingas, bringing the Kalonzos, bringing the Mudavadis, bringing the Gideons and everybody to the table. We are back to Poland where the Pope, the trade unionists and the political communists sit round the table and chart the future for Poland. Kenya would have to come back to the table for the Republic,” he said.

On the other hand, the university don noted that the Luo, Kikuyu and Kalenjin vote will play a critical role in the upcoming polls, thus a candidate who is able to marshal these regions behind him is likely to ascend to the presidency.

”The reality is you cannot get to the presidency without the mobilising power of the Kikuyus, the Luos or Kalenjins. You cannot win the vote but only the minds of Kenya. Ruto has crossed the Rubicon and Uhuru has crossed the Rubicon with their armies, and Rome is not safe.The Luos can mobilise beyond their numbers. The Kikuyus way beyond their numbers, and Kalenjins beyond their numbers. They have cultivated political acumen to the point of mobilising their numbers. You cannot ignore the infusing power,” he said.


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