Wedding Bells as Governor Waiguru Sets Wedding Date To Lawyer For July

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and her partner, lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo are set to ake it official.

The ceremony, known as “ngurario” in the Kikuyu tradition, will be held at Kiamugumo Primary School in Gichugu, Kirinyaga. The couple have set Saturday, July 13 as their traditional wedding date.

All invited guests have been directed to confirm their attendance by June 30.

Mr Waiganjo and Ms Waiguru held “ruracio” [dowry payment] ceremony on February 16.

On “ngurario” day, the groom, his parents and other people accompanying him, arrive at the bride’s home, but they are not allowed to enter the house. A tradition called “kuhura hoti” is performed.

According to Citizen Digital, the women from the groom’s procession start to sing. They carry various gifts. The women inside the house also sing. After some time, the door is finally opened. In some communities, an extra amount of money has to be paid for the door to be opened.

What follows is a kind of game, where the groom has to recognize his bride among a group of women dressed in similar clothes. This tradition is known as “gucagura muka wake”. If he chooses the wrong woman, he has to part with some money.

After finding the bride, the groom has to ritually cut goat meat prepared for the occasion.

He, thereafter, shares the meat to some of his family members and that of the bride. The groom also has to answer a couple of questions asked by a representative of the bride’s family.

According to a tradition called “kuria matu”, the groom gives the bride goat’s ears, which she chews.

After that, the bride returns the goat’s ears to her partner. This act, according to Kikuyu custom, should remind the pair that they should always listen to each other.

She also polishes his shoes and cuts his nails. She also offers him some porridge (“gukundania ucuru”). Traditionally, the groom, at first, should reject the offer. However, upon receiving a gift, he changes his mind.

The couple, thereafter, gets a wedding certificate, whose details are read in public.

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