The President had Reached his Elastic Limit he will No longer Entertain Mediocrity, Kanze Dena

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena has defended President Uhuru Kenyatta’s angry rant on Sunday at Kasarani saying the head of state had lost patience with politicians who have kept provoking him despite his attempts to ignore them.Spokesperson Kanze Dena on Tuesday said the President has been  good enough to the  politicians, mainly drawn from his backyard who have taken him for granted.

“The president has been patient. He has been warning politicians at every meeting to focus on service delivery. He has repeated once, twice and it has become a song. But now all of you should know the president has reached his elastic limit. He does not want to entertain politics that have no value but agenda that unites all Kenyans,” she said at State House Nairobi during a media briefing.

”The President is a very patient person. But he is being put off by constant politicking at a time when the focus should be on development. His Sunday statement was to show that everything has reached an elastic limit; that politics will never be prioritised over development,” she added.

Separately, MPs allied to the Tanga Tanga group  told off the President regarding his Sunday’s remarks that MPs from his backyard should stop petty politics and instead focus on working for the voters.The MPs, largely drawn  from the  Mt Kenya region have  shown the middle finger to Uhuru saying it is not their function as MPs to  implement projects but that of the national government.

”We cannot be told to stop doing politics because the President will  not be running come 2022.Let him deal with it.There is no cost of development brought about with us politics because an MP does not implement projects,” said Alice Wahome, Kandara MP.

The defiant MP said she was not a beneficiary to anyone and that it is them who actually looked for votes for the president, contrary to what Uhuru said on Sunday.

“It is unfortunate that the President can stand on a religious podium and speak such words to his people. I do not think I am a beneficiary of anyone and I think that goes for everyone else,” she said.

On the other hand, Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici, a Ruto lieutenant, said she would not back down from the Tangatanga squad for “development missions.”The Woman MP said the President had turned against the very people he begged for support when the Supreme Court overturned his August 2017 victory.

“The President did not help us, instead we helped him. We respect him as the President but he should also listen to us. When his election was nullified, he was always calling us. Why did he not go campaigning alone?” Ngirici asked adding that she will keep on teaming up with like minded Kenyans.

“I was elected as a political leader and if my people are not complaining, why is the President complaining? We want to see him launching development projects in Mt Kenya. That is what we want,” she said.

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