Why Kenyans must stand up to the racist, intruding Chinese

    Racism against Africans in China is overt

    This Chinese man was deported for calling Kenyans, including the president of the Republic, monkeys! Image: courtesy of straitstimes.com

    Racism against Africans in China is overt and that is why Kenyans must set boundaries for the Chinese that are living here.

    That is not xenophobia; it is self-respect.

    In China, there are social amenities which black people cannot access simply because they are black. The racism against blacks in China is so ruthless that Africans do not have rights there.

    Africans must themselves set clear boundaries for the Chinese that live in here, both legally and illegally. You must not wait for your government to act for these governments are already slaves to the Chinese government.

    It is so depressing that an African will be mocked by the Chinese both in China and Africa.

    Where is your pride, O ye mighty Africans! Where is the spirit of resistance and defiance that your brave forefathers dared to show the colonial masters?

    Why would you stand and do nothing when a Chinese calls you a monkey in your own country? Because you think you are indebted to them? Discard that thought for it is wrong.

    You did not borrow any loan from China, your government and corrupt officials that elected themselves did! Those thievish politicians did not even consult you.

    In the past we could pay the price for the greed of our wicked forefathers; we were taken captives and sold as slaves. We must not allow our greedy politicians to compromise our dignity.

    We have constitutions and our nation states are sovereign. We can rebel against our governments together with their silly arrangements with the Chinese.

    We must have the courage to warn the Chinese and demand respect from them in our land. This is Africa and we must be respected. Every Chinese in Africa must understand that we do not beg them to respect us; we demand.

    One would argue that we are civilized and must thus exercise tolerance. That argument is true except that there is a fine line of distinction between tolerance and self-disrespect.

    When you allow an honest and respectful Chinese expatriate to settle in your country, that is tolerance.

    However, when you sit back and watch a Chinese call you a monkey and all sorts of derogatory names, that is self-disrespect.

    The Chinese must have boundaries in Africa. There are places in which we must never allow the Chinese to do business, for instance, Gikomba in Nairobi.

    Let them come but only as respectful expatriates who offer specialized services.

    I advise Africans to starve Chinese businesses that sell products in which Africans deal. Do business with your fellow Africans and starve the racist Chinese.

    Africa is for Africans and the Chinese live here as a matter of privilege and not a right. They must respect us, or we make them!

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