Uhuru’s Lawyer Evans Monari, Under Probe Over Ksh284M Disappearance

Former Cabinet Minister Mbiyu Koinange’s wealth has caused wrangles between his four wives who all wanted a piece of the cake. But the back and forth in the courts came to an end last year after dragging for 30 years and all four wives identified as rightful beneficiaries to the vast wealth. Mbiyu Koinange who was also a close confidant of the late President Jommo Kenyatta, had amassed a lot of wealth over the years that earned him the title of billionaire by the time of his death. The wealth covers big chunks of land in different areas of the country like Runda, shares in companies ie Ocean View Hotel in Mombasa and private businesses.

It has now come to the attention of the fourth wife Eddah Wanjiru Mbiyu who wrote to the DCI about 248 Million shillings that has supposedly been moved despite court orders that restricted the transaction. They had been ordered by the courts to reserve some money to cover the legal fees used over the years.

Evans Monari, who is the center of the probe, will have to answer to the DPP Noordin Hajji who has confirmed receipt of the complaint. Monari was representing David Waiganjo Koinange, the son of the deceased second wife. The lawyer is being probed alongside Kandara MP Alice Wahome, Beatrice Kariuki and Justry Nyaberi who were actively involved in the court case that involved the distribution of the Mbiyu Koinange wealth.

The top lawyer has however dismissed the claims citing no involvement in the case.


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