Sabina Chege, Willy Mutunga and Njugush Clap back At Khalwale For Mocking Sabina’s Breakdown

Barely two days ago, Murang’a women Representative Sabina Chege could not hold back her tears after a section of the crowd during the Embrace event booed at her. She was immediately embraced by her fellow women leaders who were also present at the event: the likes of Anne Waiguru, Rachael Shebesh, Gladys Wanga and Fatuma Gedi. The public breakdown has made her the center of comedy in the Ruto camp with Ruto allies like Boni Khalwale mocking Sabina.

Murang’a County woman MP Sabina Chege was today cut down to size when she was booed at home for disparaging the DP. Forcing her to cry! THE HUSTLER NATION IS REAL!. Tribalism aside! A nation of Kenyans minus the dynasties. The die is cast! – Boni Khalwale.

But the Murang’a women rep was quick to defend herself and not let Boni have the last laugh. Sabina clapped back at Boni implying the mountain Boni was trying to make out of the situation was just an anthill

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga was also quick to defend Sabina Chege, with comedian and actor Njugush seconding his sentiments, when he cited that Boni is a lost cause due to the fact that he chose to join the Ruto camp.

Sabina has gotten a lot of backing since the incident and the majority of people were against Boni trying to mock Sabina in the quest to make the Ruto camp feel good.

A hand full of hired goons does not represent the views of all residents of Murang’a county. In 2022 dynasties and the so called “Hustler” nation will fall..We are tired of being led by the same monkeys.- 

Bonny, ile Mambo tutakufanya na hii tangatanga yako huku Kakamega county itashinda ile huyu mama ameona..- 

Simama ushinde hata MCA popote before trying to belittle those holding elective positions not like you who was walloped by of . Ama namna gani?-  

The embrace Movement is a group of women leaders who tackle different issues in the society by creating a voice for women.  Leaders across the divide have made it their mission to work together and ensure women’s rights , like ensuring the 1/3 gender rule applies in this country where women are mostly looked down upon when it comes to governance and social injustices.

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