Im Not Your Kihii to Lecture Me, Uhuru Blasts Tanga Tanga, Tells Ruto He Didn’t Get him any Votes

    President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The Akorino meeting in Kasarani Stadium this afternoon was the perfect place for President Uhuru Kenyatta to respond to Tanga Tanga and William Ruto by extension.The President did not disappoint. He delivered one of his tough talking speeches today, he was on the offensive telling his detractors he does not care any more if any one thought he would be intimidated to bend to the whims of his DP.

    ”Let those ones (Tanga Tanga) do what they want.They keep insulting me but I don’t care,” said Uhuru in Kikuyu dialect in reference to Tanga Tanga Group of MPs who have been going around the country calling him names.

    ”There are those who think they got me votes.I got them votes.It is you the masses who decided I be President.They keep shouting how they will be powerful, am here to remind them am not their kihii and they wont become anything,” charged the president.

    The visibly angry Uhuru did not mince his words.He said he will not renege on his move to unite Kenyans towards a single unit one that binds everyone together, despite their political affiliations.

    ”The road map Ive made for my people I will still direct them.Ill be going where these people have been going without any  fear If they think I fear them.My people will enjoy freedom 50 years and over moving forward, they will go everywhere doing business,” he said.

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