Esther Passaris shows Off Her Legs In A Sexy Dance Video

Trolls will not dim the sexiness of Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris anytime soon. Seems the more the debate about her choice of dressing, the more the sexy woman leader keeps on feeding her trolls content to talk about. Passaris released a video recently where she is dancing , having the time of her life as her black dress goes up and shows off her thighs , with no care in the world.

“…. Do they not know that beneath every dress or suit is a NAKED being? Above every NAKED being is a dress or suit. The difference is in spread and texture based on culture and season.

It is probably high time people stop putting dressing and one’s ability to govern in one box. The debate at this particular point is becoming tiring and is a losing battle for those that want women to conform to their  “decent” dressing ideologies. There is usually more to a person than how they dress. Attacking women’s code of dressing and  image is proving to be a low blow from the critics and goes to show that tactics of trying to bring women leaders down are becoming few in their diss basket .

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