Breakthrough Trial That Prevents HIV cells From Spreading  To Start Next Month.


    A new vaccine that could be a medical breakthrough if all goes as planned is set to be tested on Kenyan volunteers as from next month. The vaccine is meant to prevent the transfer of the HIV virus to negative persons, which is a new way of combating the HIV/AIDS menace in Kenya. This is going to be the first phase of the clinical trial on humans and will be monitored for the next one and a half years. The process of getting volunteers on board will start in the next three weeks.

    From tests done on lab rats, the procedure has shown promising results and medical practitioners are hopeful that it will produce the same results on humans. In animals, the vaccine produced antibodies that helped fight the HIV virus. Selected volunteers will be given three shots for the first three months and their progress monitored. “IAVI W001 trial. 664gp140.W001” as researchers call it, seeks to prove the efficiency of the vaccine and improve on previous medical research done on the virus.

    Dr Elise Landais who is a senior research scientist at the Neutralizing Antibody Center, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative , says the molecule that they have created, ( BG505 SOSIP. 664gp140) has the ability to cause an immune response which neutralizes antibodies with the capacity to attack the HIV virus in the body, reported the nation.

    The trial will be a step forward and an upgrade from previously done research that did not produce positive results as expected.


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