Embrace Movement in Murang’a, Impressive Turn Out Suggests a Growing Political Leviathan

    A section of the crowd in Muranga.

    It is fascinating to see how a movement which is barely a year old is gaining so much momentum and following, in such a short time span.Embrace Movement is already breaking barriers, setting new heights and tilting the scales!Muranga is witnessing history being drawn on canvas.This is a moment that will last for a lifetime.The Muranga tweetup is being attended by Cabinet Secretaries, Governors and  over 30 Women MPs.

    Kenyan women  leaders from every corner of the republic have decided to vanquish their political affiliations as well as ideological persuasions to join hands in fighting a common enemy; oppression of women. This is happening for the first time in the over 55 years we have been independent! Even though Embrace Movement was conceptualized from the Uhuru-Raila handshake, it has clearly shown it is a drift for generations.It is one in a lifetime.This is one of those critical moments in Kenya’s history.Women are taking charge, where men have failed.

    A section of the crowd in Muranga.

    Espirit de corps shown by Embrace Movement is real and genuine.Like a mother’s love to her children, it is impelled by an inherent need to always provide the best that life has to offer.What if male politicians paid attention for just a moment and watched their female confederates, how systematic and strategic they are in approaching women problems, will they learn a thing or two? Embrace Movement is striking the heart and soul of women in our communities.The grass roots and rural areas. Village by village.Smart move.Once every Kenyan woman has her heart conquered, she will be part of this sweeping wave.

    Today’s troupe to Murang’a has the strongest voices  both in Parliament and outside  dedicated to changing the country’s politics forever.Embrace Movement is growing political leviathan.Is Kenya really ready?





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