Raila Was not Behind My Sacking I Ask Him to Forgive Me for the Things I said, Rashid Echesa

    President Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Rashid Echesa at a past function.

    Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa finally is back to his senses.Barely a week after dumping William Ruto, the embattled politician now is asking for forgiveness from Raila Odinga over all the bad things he said against him.Echesa has been blaming the ODM leader for being behind his sacking from the Sports docket three months ago.He says Raila Odinga was not behind him being dismissed from the cabinet.

    ”The appointing authority is Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. He is the only one who can fire anyone. If Raila was the appointing authority then ningesema ni yeye .I would have said it was him.I therefore ask for forgiveness” said Echesa, on Milele FM, Thursday morning.

    In a video that went  gone viral in March, CS Echesa alleged that Raila is unhappy with his appointment to the Cabinet.

    ”The President appointed me because I am a child of the poor. He knew that by appointing me, I would uplift another poor kid. The President was not stupid to appoint me.He knew the country had professors but I was still appointed,” Echesa said in the clip.

    “Mheshimiwa rais aliniteua kama waziri akijua ya kwamba anateua huyu mtoto wa maskini, wacha nimuinue naye vile vile atainua mtoto wa maskini mwingine. Lakini ni kama kazi aliyonipa rais inakera mtu mwingine pahali pengine.”

    The agitated Cabinet Secretary pointed out that the new plot to oust him from office undermines the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Prime Minister.He further added that Raila wanted to take advantage to intimidate him and other people in Government.

    “President Uhuru told us to embrace the handshake and that is exactly what we are doing, but its like somebody somewhere wants now to take advantage of us embracing the handshake to come and intimidate us in the cabinet.Kila mahali Raila anaenda anaita viongozi wa western anaanza kuwaambia mheshimiwa Uhuru Kenyatta hataki Rashid, Rashid ni mtu wa William Ruto. Please Raila, give me a break, I am not your equal,” the CS claimed.

    It therefore comes as a surprise for Echesa to eat a humble pie and eat back his words, which he had directed at Odinga.

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