Even Born Again Men Still Desire Women, Bishop Deya of Miracle Babies Declares

Bishop Gilbert Deya is dating a woman fifty years younger than him.

Deya confirmed that he has a new fiancee, the fourth woman he is dating since returning to Kenya.

He had been dumped three times before finding the woman of his dreams, who also dumped him after getting a child with another man.

The pastor, notorious for the miracle babies scandal, recounted these intimate details during an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni. This comes after he spent a year at the Kamiti Maximum Prison before being freed on a Sh10 million bond.

“I decided to get another woman here in Kenya. It is important to get a woman and avoid lust of the flesh. Here in Kenya, women are like nuts, they are so many that the government has decided even having 50 of them is okay,” he said.

“I am engaged. Men struggle with the eyes, and even if you are born again, your eyes can never be born again.”

He said age is nothing but a number. “I can never be single. I want to marry her because she is so young and the age gap is 50 years. That is in the line of my liking.”

Talking about his ex-wife, Deya said her decision to leave him meant they are divorced and not separated.

“We have divorced. Separation means we are going back together but that’s not the case. My ex-wife was the one that decided to divorce me, and I accepted her decision.”

Deya then gave an account of the events that took place in his relationship life.

“I went to the UK and left my wife here in Kenya, and I stayed there for 15 years. The first five years, I tried to bear with the situation, but because of the lust of the body, I took another woman. I told elders of the church, and even my ex-wife knew about it.

“After a while, the woman asked me not to come back to Kenya unless I married her. Later on, she accused me of rape.”

He said he spoke to his ex-wife about getting another woman.

“I came to Kenyan and was charged with child trafficking. While at Kamiti, the woman ran away.”

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