US Sending Top Prosecutors and Investigators to Kenya to Help Nab Corrupt Politicians, DCI Confirms

    DPP Nordin Haji and DCI head George Kinoti in Washington.

    The DPP Nordin Haji and his DCI counterpart George Kinoti have been on a visit to the US for the  last 3 days.After meeting the country’s FBI director David Bowdich at the FBI headquarters, The  United States Justice Department  will attach a Senior US Prosecutor  and Investigators to strengthen the ongoing Anti-Corruption efforts in Kenya. This was revealed by the US Deputy Attorney General, Bruce Swartz, during the meeting.

    The team, compromising of top officials from both the DPP and the DCI offices have put issues of tackling corruption at the forefront as well as  discussing  anti-terrorism matters with FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich. Bowditch lauded the effort that has been taken by the investigative bodies and promised total support from the US government.

    The US AG’s office invited the Kenyan delegation to share issues that affect both countries, which include corruption, counter-terrorism, organised crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

    “We will be discussing many issues including graft. You know the FBI is under AG’s office in the US and we are scheduled to meet top detectives there to share various issues,” Haji said.Last month, DPP said investigative agencies are going through a lot of challenges especially in cases that are cross-border which require a long process.

    While speaking when he met the two officials in Washington on Tuesday, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich said the American agency will support efforts to curb corruption in every single way it can.The meeting comes against the backdrop of increased cases of arrests and prosecution of suspects linked to corruption, most of whom were previously perceived as ‘untouchable.’

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