Im the Face of Opposition Who Will Keep Government in Check, Musalia Mudavadi Declares

    Musalia Mudavadi.

    Is he really up to the task, or Musalia Mudavadi is just having wishful thinking? The Amani National Congress leader says he is now the de facto leader of opposition and has vowed to keep President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime on toes, calling out  the ills it perpetrates on Kenyans.However, questions are arising whether his statement is just political posturing or if he truly has the spine to sustain opposition politics the way Raila Odinga has over the years.

    Mudavadi says he has decided to take up the role since NASA coalition, in which he was a co-principal, no longer exists in its physical but  only on paper as a legal entity, adding that  the political parties forming the coalition ceased to operate as a single unit.He has taken a vow to provide an alternate approach to addressing issues that affect Kenyans, saying he would stand firm as the face of opposition.

    “I have been the most vocal [opposition leader] when it comes to raising concerns on issues affecting the country. I believe I’m filling the opposition gap to ensure that Kenyans have an alternative voice.Kenyans should move away from the notion that opposition should be disruptive, we need to start returning sanity and integrity to the country’s politics,”  said the ANC leader.

    Mudavadi has also denied that he is part of Kenya’s dynasties keen on hanging on to country’s political apparatus for years, not giving those from poor background a chance to take the reigns of the republic.

    “My grandfather worked as a simple gold miner, using the most simplistic tools. He left my father, who struggled to take care of his siblings in poverty, aged only nine,” said the ANC leader who maintained that he had a humble upbringing.

    Kenyans now wait to see if Mudavadi will truly stand up to his words of keeping the government in check and whether he will call out and name drop perpetrators of injustices like Raila Odinga has been doing for years.




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