Ebola Scare In Uganda, 5yr Old Boy Dies Of the Pandemic

    A five year old boy has succumbed to Ebola in our neighboring country Uganda. The boy had tested positive for the deadly disease which is a pandemic in the DRC right now. It is believed that the boy had crossed over to Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo through the Bwera Border Post where several tests were run on him to identify the cause of his illness after complaining of feeing unwell.

    In an official message from the World Health Organization via their online platform, they confirmed the incident:

    @MinofHealthUG and the @WHO have confirmed a case of #Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in #Uganda. Although there have been numerous previous alerts, this is the first confirmed case in Uganda during the Ebola outbreak on-going in neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.” – @WHOUganda.

    The boy had been under close watch before he succumbed and people who had been in contact with him have been put under heavy surveillance to ensure the disease does not spread. The Ministry of Health in Uganda and The World Health Organization have launched a Rapid Response Team to Kasese to check on people that may have contracted the disease and administer procedures to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

    More than 1600 people have been affected by Ebola in North Kivu Province in DRC since the outbreak started in August 2018. As the disease continues to spread fast in DRC, health organizations are trying to contain the situation by ensuring further spreading does not occur. Those that have been mostly affected are children and women.


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