Shot State House Intruder Kibet Bera Wanted all Luos, Kikuyus,Luhyas and Kisiis Killed

    Kibet Bera, the JKUAT student who intruded State House.

    Details have continued to emerge on the shot JKUAT student who attempted to gain entry to State House, with intentions of lynching President Uhuru Kenyatta.Turns out, this was a well thought out mission he has been plotting for a number of weeks now, if his Facebook posts are anything to go by.

    ”Foreigners leave my land. Foreigners leave my inheritance.You have robbed me the last 24 to 25 years of my life.You have persecuted me from my childhood, from my mother’s womb up to now.I tell you Lumeek, British, Luos, Kisiis, Kikuyus and other foreigners, leave my land.Tell President Uhuru Kenyatta and his master the Bankers this :Withdraw your people from my land, withdraw your soldiers, teachers, administrators from my land,” he writes on a Facebook post on June 9th.

    Kenyan Report went in depth to investigate this out of the ordinary event,and stumbled upon the perpetrator’s Facebook going by the name Brian Bera. His posts points to a troubled radicalized man, who believes his land has been  taken over by foreigners. The  posts border to religious and political radicalization.He believes all Kisiis, Kikuyus,Luos and Luhyas are intruders and enemies of ‘his land’.He even quotes a number of bible verses to validate his cause, pointing to a radicalized fellow, who wouldn’t stop even at death in pursuing what he believes in.

    ”It is a spiritual war.The devil has no power to kill me. He may only torture me.I will not allow myself to be captured because I will be tortured with drugs.Remember Samson was never killed by Philistines. Only torture.I am dropping out of school. Schooling is torture and spiritually satanic. It drives me away from God,” reads his last Facebook post before heading to State House last evening.

    He describes Luos, Kikuyus, Kisiis and Luhyas as the enemies, whom he says are afraid of ‘us’ rising up in arms.He brags how the authorities fear him, and cannot arrest him despite his inflammatory posts on Facebook.

    ”Our enemies fear the public from rising up in arms against them.They fear the truth.The reason I post without fear is because, they cannot arrest me. If they arrest me, my people will kill them because I am final year BSc Mechanical Engineering.They cannot kill me, because if they kill me, my people will kill them.Please let me reveal the truth to my people.”

    Confirming the shooting, State House through its spokes person Kanze Dena warned the public president’s residence is a restricted area nobody is allowed to trespass except at the permission of occupants.

    ”Brian Kibet Bera, a 25-year-old Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student was yesterday arrested at State House, Nairobi, for trespass.The student, who climbed over one of the State House gates, was shot and wounded on the left shoulder by officers manning the gate after he drew a knife when he was challenged to stop.”

    Adding that , ”the incident occurred at 4.05 pm and the suspect was booked at Kileleshwa Police Station vide Ob No. 39 before he was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment. Investigations are ongoing to establish the motive of the trespass and appropriate action will be taken upon conclusion.We take this opportunity to remind the public that State House is a designated protected area under the Protected Areas Act. For that reason no person is allowed access to the premise without the permission of the prescribed authority.”

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