Passaris Puts Sh 10, 000 Bounty on the Head of Culprits Behind Photo shopped Bedroom Pictures of Her with Sonko in Bed

    Esther Passaris.

    Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris is awarding Sh 10,000 to anyone who will identify the culprits behind photo shopped pictures of her and Governor Mike Sonko sharing a bed, with her all wrapped in the governor’s arms in bed.

    The poorly edited images are a continuation of the Women Rep’s war with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, something which has turned nasty and ugly. Passaris wrote on her official twitter handle she has a cash prize for anyone who identifies the pictures both the original and the hers which have been cropped off.

    ‘”Calling on #KOT Bureau of Investigations: Sh10,000 Cash Award to anyone who can identify the three original photos used in this lame photoshop mashup. From #RecordingArtist to #DigitalArtist. What next?”‘ said Passaris in a tweet.

    However, in a rejoinder, Governor Mike Sonko has says the pictures are clearly photo shopped by idle minds,saying he does not hug from behind as the images show.

    The back and forth between the two leaders is something that may be here for a while as they continue plotting against each other.

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