Kenyans Hail Nakuru Man Who Beat Landlord For Ambushing Him at Night

Kenyans have intricate relationships with their landlords. This is because of the different kinds of landlords they have.

Some are always prying into people’s affairs. When you fight with your spouse, he is the first to tell everyone in the residence.Very good at minding other peoples’ business.

Then there are those too busy to get to the ground to handle stuff and the caretaker is always in charge. All the years you live in that rental house you don’t get to know him.

How about those are are never there when taps are leaking but will be there when when you pass the 5th deadline with six seconds. He gets all troublesome, getting all petty, yelling and shouting and spreads negativity like a foul smell.

In Nakuru, George Shiundu, a landlord, was tired of rudi jioni and mteja wa nambari -cat and mouse, so he decided to visit one of his elusive tenants, Yohana Sunday, at night when everyone was back home.

If only he had known this harmless visit would lead to the dislocation of his jaws and dental re-arrangement of his teeth. A battered Shiundu was snatched from Yohana’s hands before he could do irreparable damage to the landlord.

The tenant gave his landlord a stray dog’s beating when he came knocking on his door at night to demand rent arrears. Sunday who was renting a house at Kaptembwo estate in Nakuru then went into hiding upon getting wind Shiundu had reported the beating to Kaptembwo Police Station.

The suspect was eventually smoked out of his hiding spot and arrested on June 8 and later arraigned at a Nakuru court. The court heard the victim had gone to collect rent balance from the suspect at Kaptembwo estate in Nakuru county on May 20, 2019, when the accused descended on him with kicks and blows and caused him bodily harm.

The prosecution argued the suspect was offended by the landlord’s decision to come for the May rent late in the evening and resorted to attacking the landlord who was rescued by his agent and taken to hospital. Principal Magistrate Bernard Mararo on Monday charged the accused with unlawfully assaulting Shiundu and causing him bodily harm. He pleaded guilty to the charges.

The principal magistrate slated the case for mentioning on June 24, 2019.

Many kenyans tired of rowdy landlords however celebrated Yohana’s move

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