Kabogo to Sue Safaricom, Airtel for Stealing Bundles in the Name of Expiry

Former Kiambu Governor is making a move that has been on the minds of Kenyans for ages. He is considering court action against telecommunication companies in Kenya over the ‘expired Internet bundles’ feature.

The former governor says it was unfair for the companies to sell the commodity to their customers and still give it time specifications for when it is supposed to be used.

Likening it to a packet of sugar, Kabogo further argued that the bundles should not expire and if they must, the telcos should ensure that they become renewable.

“You cannot sell me sugar and then attach a condition that if I will not have consumed it within a specified time frame then you will come to repossess it…What you buy must belong to you.

“They (companies) are treating their data bundles like a pregnancy that once you carry it to term, you got no choice but give birth,” he explained.

Terming the business approach as ‘economic servitude to customers’, Kabogo revealed that he had contracted a number of lawyers to draft a plan.

“We are not saying that we be compensated for data not used within specified time frames.

“If it is for their logistical convenience that there must be an expiry date, then all unconsumed data as long it was initially paid for should be renewed and not expire,” he continued.

Some telecommunication firms have, for a while, rode on the expiry bundles feature without allowing their customers to renew them once they expired.

Others have, however, paid more attention to consumers and added a feature allowing consumers to renew expired bundles through the purchase of another Internet bundle plan.

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