Esther Passaris Finally Speaks out on See through dress Everyone Can’t Seem To Stop Staring At


A dress that Nairobi Women representative Esther Passaris wore years back during a Miss World Kenya event has had critics on the internet question that particular choice of dress ever since . The beautiful outspoken politician has always ignored the slander she receives for wearing that black see-through dress that shows off her light skin thighs, but her keeping quiet days are over.


Replying to an overly concerned “fan” Passaris clapped back saying she has freedom to wear whatever she pleases.


“Absolutely no integrity. 52 years and you give Kenyans this? @EstherPassaris.Please respond to this pic

“My husband bought me that dress and I have no apologies when I wear it. #MyDressMyChoice” –  Hon Esther M Passaris.

Passaris as a woman politician has endured multiple attacks after an audio surfaced in which she had offered herself to the Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. Speaking after jetting back to the country from a formal business trip, the women rep called on her supporters to help her clear her name. She even dared the EACC to get records of her stay in the hotel she apparently had invited Sonko to.

“I welcome EACC to investigate. I waive all rights to privacy. I would love that hotel where I stayed to access my private data, show when I stayed there. I will not let this go. This is the last time anyone questions my integrity with falsehood” she said.

To add to her woes, someone photo shopped a picture of her in bed with Mike Sonko earlier on in the day which irked her more but decided to downplay the whole situation and keeping her cool instead of going off online.

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