Women Rep Esther Passaris Back in the Country, Viciously Deconstructs Governor Sonko in a Strongly Worded Counter Attack

    Esther Passaris at State House Girls Secondary School yesterday celebrating best performing students and teachers.

    Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris is taking no prisoners.Although the crafty city Governor, Mike Sonko tried to hit her bellow the belt, the defiant, soft spoken but firm Women Representative has swung vicious counter punches at Sonko. Painting him as a liar, a crook, street thug and a man who has no regard not only for Nairobi women, but also to Kenyan women as a whole.

    Swarmed by a crowd of women as she landed at the JKIA on Monday morning, Passaris vowed it was the last time a leader was using malicious claims, innuendos, lies and half truths to bring down a woman.

    ” I will use every single rule and law and be guided by this constitution to ensure that this is the last time that somebody uses falsehood to bring down a woman or to bring down a woman leader,”  she said.She refuted claims by Sonko that she had invited him to her hotel room at the Intercontinental in the middle of CBD at night.

    I actually said ‘Governor I’ve checked in, I’m actually here’… So when you take things out of context and try to create a story that is false, forgetting that I am a mother of young adults, a mother of an entire county and forgetting that I am a child and wife of someone. I think it is distasteful and degrading,” Passaris said.

    Passaris based her response in facts, challenging the governor to table evidence against her on all the wild claims he had made. She even told the hotel to release her private information while she was at the Intercontinental as well as telling Sonko to show proof she was paid twice as the governor alleges in his per diem claims.

    “I would love the hotel, Intercontinental, to access all my private data as to when I stayed in that hotel,” she said.” I would prefer that the governor tables evidence showing that I got the per diem twice. It pains me to even call him governor but I respect the office (he holds),”  she added.

    Passaris has been away in Canada for the 2019 Women Deliver Conference, where she was part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s delegation when Governor Sonko made the wild allegations against her during a live TV interview.


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