We Will not Elect a Thief as President in 2022, Rift Valley MPs

DP William Ruto making donations.

The heightened onslaught against DP William Ruto seems to have taken a new twist as leaders opposed to his 2022 bid seem to grow bolder with each day that passes.The opposing voices from his backyard are becoming more loud and prominent even as the DP tries to work round the clock to have the Rift Valley vote in a single basket.However, these efforts are proving to be futile and leaders from his own backyard are saying the expansive Rift Valley cannot elect a thief for presidency.

DP Ruto has been linked to a number of scandals which the country has lost billions of shillings.Scandals which a number of his proxies both within and outside government are charged of channeling huge sums of money, running into billions for their ow private use as well as financing the DP’s weekend political rallies and fundraisers.

”As a members of the Pokot or Kalenjin community, we have declared our support for Senator Moi should he contest for the top seat. He is composed and orderly unlike those in Tanga Tanga movement who are riddled with theft.We will not allow thieves to ascend to power. You can see how hungry they are yapping all over that they are in charge when we know the Head of State is Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Tiaty MP William Kamkatet.

In a veiled attack on Deputy President William Ruto, Kamket urged Kenyans to reject people moving around the country claiming they are in charge of the county in the absence of the president, saying that is a clear indication of how they are power hungry.He said the community would rally behind Baringo Senator Gideon Moi come 2022, should the Kanu national chairman declare his candidature for the presidency.

Senator Gideon Moi and DP William Ruto are on a warpath in the Rift Valley, trying to control the region’s vote ahead of 2022. The two do not see eye to eye and several attempts to reconcile them have flatly failed and fallen apart. While DP Ruto insists Senator Moi should drop his presidential ambitions and back him in 2022, the younger Moi says he cannot be forced to support any candidate and that anyone who needs his support must first show he has the interest of every Kenyan at heart.

On the other hand, MP Alfred Keter has vowed the DP to the bitter end, calling him an un electable thief.


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