Did Sonko Just Reveal Who Assassinated Former Ministers Saitoti and Ojode?

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is a man inured to controversy and elites and neo-critics think he is too crass to hold such an esteemed position but he appeals to the majority.

    Recently when under siege by elite-feminist group Fida following the public spat with Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris and with the media out on his neck, Sonko took to his face-book page to defend himself.

    Sonko alleged that a powerful cabal of senior officials working at the Office of the President decided to curtail his rising political star.

    Time and again, Sonko has claimed that these forces within government, who he now calls “the system”, are hell bent to frustrate him.

    Interestingly, Sonko’s claims are always followed by a quick caveat, which is that to his mind, the actions by his detractors within the state are not sanctioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The Governor also in his moment said the ‘system’ was behind the deaths of former Interior Security Minister George Saitoti and his Assistant Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode in a helicopter crashed in Ngong forest 2012.

    “When the system wants to finish you, it will not go the Saitoti way because the dark days are over. And let the last minister leader to be assassinated because of politics be Saitoti. The games the system is trying on play on me, I am not a fool my friend,” Sonko claims in the video.

    “You guys remember how Saitoti died. Saioti was going for fund-raising at Homabay with Ojode. And they were supposed to go with Mutahi Ringu. What happened? Ringu was told not to board the helicopter. And that’s how Saitoti died. And President Uhuru is not involved in this, it is The system that was there that time that killed Saitoti,” Sonko explained while concluding the video.

    Sonko’s unorthodox ways continue to earn him publicity and popularity. Having proven time and again that anyone who takes him for granted may only have themselves to blame, it may not be far-fetched to imagine that someone or a group of people somewhere may be hatching a plot to cut Sonko to size – whatever that may entail – before he becomes a political threat beyond Nairobi, or to diminish his influence within the capital.

    The culture of secret recordings is not new to politics. But Sonko is a man under siege, who needs to keep as much evidence on even his slightest communication with anyone, so that his enemies, real or perceived, may not have an upper hand against him.

    He also has just confirmed that Kenya has a deep state.

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