President Uhuru Has Not Neglected Us, Mt Kenya Tanga Tanga MPs now Change their Earlier Stand against Uhuru

    President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    President Uhuru’s political strategy in his backyard of Central Kenya may not be understood by many, but is its showing results as precise as a surgeon’s scarpel. The amorphous Tanga Tanga group has been reduced to political flip-floppers. One minute they castigating Uhuru for neglecting Mt Kenya region, alienating them from development and the next they are praising the president.Saying he has not neglected them. Tanga Tanga MPs are  a classical definition of headless chickens.

    Murang’a Senator Irungu Kangata and Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, two ardent Tanga Tanga supporters from the region now have shifted their blames to  Cabinet secretaries saying they are sleeping their on their jobs.However, this is just a diversionary tactic.The reason behind sudden change of heart is Kikuyu Council of Elders declaration they wont tolerate any leaders from the region trying to oppose the president.

    The two leaders are now  defending President Uhuru Kenyatta who they  had previously blamed of neglecting Mt Kenya region.Senator Kangata now says  CSs should be on the ground to inspect and commission projects undertaken by the central government.Projects he had said do not exist. He was speaking  at Gathinja Secondary School when he presented Sh2.5 million President Kenyatta had  promised the institution last year.

    “Cabinet Secretaries should always be on the ground to launch projects, but they pretend to be too busy and this has created the notion that the President has forsaken Mt Kenya region,” the senator said adding that the constitution should be amended.

    “The current model of selecting the Cabinet secretaries encourages laxity among ministers. They have nothing to lose when they don’t launch development projects and we are pushing for the model where Cabinet ministers will be picked from MPs,” he said.

    Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro on the other hand hailed the president for giving the region a lot of development projects and tarmacking of a number of major roads in the region.


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