The Keiyo Factor Making Buzeki a Huge Problem for DP Ruto in the North Rift

    The name ‘Buzeki’ is derivative of his full name – Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop.

    The viral 2 minute clip of MP Oscar Sudi giving politician Zedekiah Bundotich  an ultimatum of up to December to rejoin Jubilee and support DP William Ruto for president shows level of frustration in Ruto’s camp over Buzeki’s rising stature in the region’s politics.Turns out, the Keiyo community, from which Buzeki comes is dissatisfied with constant sidelining of DP Ruto and have decided to endorse the billionaire business man as its political leader and spokesperson.

    In the clip Sudi is heard saying ,” I speak this as a person of the street, and I know what I’m saying. If he is wise let him come back to Jubilee, we give him until December. Let me tell you the truth, Buzeki will not be governor while I’m here,” s in his Kalenjin dialect.

    On Thursday, the Keiyo Council of Elders said it was dissatisfied with the community’s leadership and its role, citing lack of unity between the two counties.Ismael Kiprop Koech, who led the council in addressing journalists, noted that since former powerful cabinet minister Nicholas Biwott, this unity has shrunk.

    “We are urging Mr Buzeki to vie for Uasin Gishu governor come 2022. We will fully support him. Anybody is free to vie for any political seat in any part of the country.We are endorsing Mr Buzeki as our spokesperson. Anything he says is to the affirmation of the region’s council of elders.” he said.

     Keiyo elders have taken issue with DP William Ruto of doing little to unite members in Elgeyo Marakwet and Uasin Gishu. “We have witnessed many injustices under the current leadership. Most of our leaders are fulfilling their personal interests while abandoning the common man.”

    The council cited the controversial Kimwarer and Arror phantom dam projects and theft of public funds.It also questioned how Jagir and Elgeyo Saw Mills land found its way into the hands of private developers.

    Buzeki defected to Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) last month something that has given Keiyo community an alternative political vehicle away from Jubilee Party.His defection  to the party was a significant one considering CCM is viewed as a party from the Rift Valley and locals can relate to it.

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