Please Lets Sit and Talk, Rift Valley Tanga Tanga MPs now Change Tune on Kieleweke

DP William Ruto.

MPs leaning towards the DP seem to have run out of gas.Politics is not for the weak, they say. Tanga Tanga MPs from the Rift Valley who had vowed to finish political careers of their counterparts from the region who had fallen out with DP Ruto have changed tune.They are now pleading with Rebel MPs from Rift Valley, led by Cherengany MP Joshua Kutuny for a sit down, to resolve any differences they may be having with Ruto.

The MPs want a meeting between DP William Ruto’s allies and rebels from the region to discuss his 2022 presidential ambitions.It turns out Tanga Tanga ignored the rebel MPs as being inconsequential in the region, something that has proved to be opposite.There are concerns over Joshua Kutuny’s growing popularity in Trans Nzoia country, prompting the change of tone.

MPs including Joshua Kutuny (Cherangany), Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills), Sila Tiren (Moiben) and William Kamket (Tiaty)  have been accused of teaming with Ruto’s political enemies to sabotage his 2022 ambitions.

Tanga Tanga MPs have  asked Soy MP Caleb Kostany, chairman of the Rift Valley Parliamentary Group, to urgently convene the meeting because of widening differences between the allies and critics of the DP. Diferences that will ultimtely cost Ruto his presidential ambitions in 2022.

“The 2022 succession politics has caused a major split among leaders in this region and it’s urgent that we meet and discus some of the burning issues that need to be ironed out so that we speak with one voice. Kostany should move with speed and call for the meeting that will among other issues discuss and deliberate on the support for Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential ambitions,” said Mosop MP Vincent Tuwei.

The legislator added that the region should speak in one voice ahead of 2022 in order to increase chances of the DP  clinching the top seat.

”DP Ruto is eyeing the presidency in 2022 but it does not augur well for him that leaders in his own backyard are bickering every day.We should not be condemning those with divergent views as rebels. We should instead seek a forum to hear what they have to say and possibly unity.”

Tuwei’s sentiments were echoed by Baringo Women Representative Gladwell Cheruiyot  who also called for dialogue among leaders in the region, arguing that the simmering differences were embarrassing the community.

“We are urging our leaders especially the men to go slow and stop the ongoing politics that is dividing our people. We are fighting over 2022 politics yet we do not even know whether we will be alive. It’s all in the hands of God and we should slow down,” Cheruiyot said in Moiben.

However, while  in Moiben, Tiaty MP William  Kamket who is a harsh critic of Ruto said the Rift Valley region could find itself in the Opposition if residents do not clearly read the political trends in the country. He said Jubilee was likely to collapse before 2022.

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